The house price of Indeokwon, which had fallen to 800 million won, is now… Why Homeowners Relaxed

The real estate market in Uiwang and Indeokwon, Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, where house prices soared due to various transportation problems and then halved last year, is recovering. As house prices are showing a rebound and unsold apartments are being sold, nearby buyers are also interested in the supply of new apartments. However, since the sale price of new apartments is similar to or higher than that of existing apartments, attention is focused on the sales performance.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s actual transaction price disclosure system on the 21st, the 84㎡ dedicated to the ‘Indeokwon Prugio El Centro’, a large apartment in Poil-dong, Uiwang-si, changed hands last month for 1.14 billion won. This is a 300 million won increase from this year’s lowest price of 840 million won, which was traded in February. This apartment soared to 1.63 billion won (June) in 2021, when house prices soared, and then became a hot topic when it was cut in half.

The listed property is also priced at 1.1 billion won. On the 16th, the sale price of 1.085 billion won has recently risen to 1.15 billion won by 65 million won, and the middle class property has also been adjusted from 1.23 billion won to 1.25 billion won. Local real estate agents said, “There are up to 1.3 billion won in high-rise sales,” and “As house prices rebounded, landlords raised their prices and became relatively relaxed.”
Complexes that were cut in half are rebounding one after another… The asking price also increased by tens of thousands of won.
The 84㎡ dedicated to ‘Indeokwon Daewoo’ in Pyeongchon-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang, is also looking for a new owner for 747 million won on the 2nd, up 162 million won from this year’s lowest price of 585 million won traded in March. This area was traded up to 1.24 billion won (August) in 2021, and the price fell to half of the previous high at the beginning of this year, then rose again.

The same 84㎡ dedicated to ‘Indeokwon Village Samsung’ in Gwanyang-dong was also traded at 840 million won in March, up 37.5 million won from 802.5 million won in the previous month. It is lower than the 1.33 billion won recorded in July 2021, but the lowest point is off.

In the area around Indeokwon Station on Subway Line 4, apartment prices soared due to the favorable news of the new Indeokwon Station on the GTX-C line. House prices jumped around June 2021, when additional stops were confirmed at Indeokwon Station. Then, last year, interest rates rose steeply and at the same time, the increase was quickly returned due to the aftermath of the surge in house prices.

Metropolitan area express train ( GTX ) route status. Photo = Hankyung DB

A certified brokerage official in Poil-dong, Uiwang-si said, “ House prices soared rapidly after the good news related to GTX , but the decline was steep as they soared.” “he said. “It will take time to recover the price to the high level, but the bottom is out of the way,” he said.

Favorable factors for transportation and development are also becoming visible within a few months. On March 14, the National Railroad Authority officially started construction of the double track train (Indong Line) connecting Indeokwon and Dongtan and the double track train (Wolpan Line) from Wolgot to Pangyo within the year. Anyang City announced on the 1st that it designated Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Corporation ( GH ) as the project implementer and established and announced the ‘Designation and Development Plan for Urban Development Project Areas Around Indeokwon in Anyang’. The development area is the area of ​​157 Gwanyang-dong, Dongan-gu, and the size reaches 150,973㎡. The plan is to create a youth smart town that introduces new lines such as the existing subway line 4, Wolgot-Pangyo line, Indeokwon-Dongtan line, and GTX-C line. It was announced that the remaining administrative procedures would be completed with the goal of completing the construction in December 2026, and site preparation work would begin in the second half of 2024.
Unsold homes are sold and new apartments are also interested in ‘wormwood’
Unsold apartments in the Indeokwon area that were sold in the second half of last year and early this year are also being sold one after another. ‘Indeokwon Xi SK View’ in Naeson-dong, which was sold in September of last year, has recently completed the sale of △exclusive 59㎡B △74㎡ A·B·C . The remaining units are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. An official from the sales office of ‘Indeokwon Xi SK View’ said, “As the sales market has been recovering centered on Seoul this year, regulations have been significantly eased, and the number of end-users and investors interested has increased considerably.” did.

‘Pyeongchon Centum First’ in Hogye-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, where the first subscription was made in January, is also said to have improved, although uncontracted supplies remain. This complex is currently on sale with a 10% discount. An official from the ‘Pyeongchon Centum First’ sales office also said, “After the discount sale, interest has grown nationwide.”

While the atmosphere of the existing housing market and sales market in the Indeokwon area is recovering, new apartments are also scrambled. It is ‘Indeokwon Perth Viel’ in Naeson-dong, Uiwang-si. Dedicated 49~84㎡, total 2180 households. Of these, 586 households will be sold to the general public. The average selling price of this complex is 28.86 million won per 3.3 square meters.80 million won △74㎡ 923 million won △ 84㎡ 1.079 billion won. Small flats such as 49㎡ for exclusive use and 59㎡ for exclusive use are the main products메이저사이트.

Pre-subscribers waiting in line to enter the ‘Indeokwon Perth Viel’ model house. Photo = Reporter Lee Song-ryeol

Recently, there is a high demand for small apartments in the sales market. This is because the burden of raising funds is low in a high interest rate situation, and the burden on consumers has increased as damages from fraud continue day after day, especially in townhouses and multi-housing houses. The 49㎡ dedicated to this complex also came out on a different plane than before, reflecting the needs of recent consumers. In the case of a dedicated 49㎡A, 3 bays, which are difficult to see in a small area, were applied. It is also noteworthy that small flats break the prejudice that they are hallway structures and make them step-wise.

A certified brokerage official in Naeson-dong said, “There are not many new constructions in the Naeson-dong area, and there is a lot of demand for new constructions . ” It’s worth it,” he said.

Another official in the vicinity said, “As the resale limit has been shortened to one year, investors are also interested.” he explained.

However, some point out that the price approaching 1.1 billion won is a burden if the balcony expansion cost is added based on the exclusive 84㎡. This is because it is at a level that exceeds the price of the one from Seoul, which is preferred by subscribers. The sale price of ‘Saejeol Station Doosan We’ve Tresium’ in Shinsa-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, recently sold in Seoul, averaged 26.1 million won per 3.3㎡. The exclusive 84㎡ pre-sale price ranges from 700 million to 800 million won. Starting with special supply on the 30th, the first subscription is received on the 31st.

Park Ji-min, CEO of Wol-yong Subscription Research Institute, said, “It is not attractive to sell at this price range when the complexes sold in the Indeokwon area have not yet been sold out.” I can catch it.”

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