The last remaining beast FA moves, it depends on the ‘God Seongbi’ FA for 78 million won to get out of LG

Each club’s spring camp passed the first half and entered the second half. Now it’s in practice mode.

When they return one by one in early March, the demonstration games will begin immediately. This means that the start of the regular season is imminent.토토사이트

However, there are still players whose whereabouts have not been decided. The three unsigned free agents, pitchers Jeong Chan-heon and Kang Ri-ho, and outfielder Kwon Hee-dong.

Kwon Hee-dong, the only unsigned beast, is in a bit of a frustrating situation. Senior Lee Myung-gi, who was not under a contract together, wore a Hanwha uniform as a sign and trade. Hanwha was the most likely destination for the remaining two outfield free agents.

As Lee Myung-gi took the lead, Kwon Hee-dong’s options narrowed. Attention is focusing on the possibility of remaining in the NC Dinos, the original team.

But even this is not a simple matter.

NC finished organizing the outfield early. To be precise, the two veteran outfielders, Kwon Hee-dong and Lee Myeong-gi, moved quickly from the moment they applied for free agency. Han Seok-hyun, a futures league free agent, was secured after fierce competition. The best cost-effective outfielder recruited for 78 million won in annual salary and compensation. NC formed an outfield backup with Han Seok-hyun, reserve player Kim Seong-wook, Futures League home run king Oh Jang-han, and Jeong Jin-ki.

However, a variable occurred. As Kwon Hee-dong’s non-contract is prolonged, the troubles are deepening.

A franchise player who joined in 2013 when NC participated in the first team league. It is a situation that I want to avoid being neglected due to a non-contract.

As time goes by, NC’s struggles inevitably deepen.

A reversal possible only when Kwon Hee-dong’s white flag surrender and the decision of the NC club are combined.

The deepest concern is the existence of Han Seok-hyun.

NC put effort into recruiting Han Seok-hyun, who was a blue chip in the Futures League free agent market. A player who had no chance in the thick LG outfield depth. Eutteum Goryeo was a chance to play in the 1st team.

NC persuaded with sincerity. The decision to give up a team that could have had more opportunities and go to NC was due to the appreciation of NC’s sincerity.

The retention of veteran outfielder Kwon Hee-dong means an intensifying competition for Han Seok-hyun.

An official from the NC side mentioned that it was a difficult situation, saying, “To sign a contract with Kwon Hee-dong, Han Seok-hyun needs a sufficient explanation.”

As much as that, the remaining contract with Kwon Hee-dong is a complicated issue with many parts to be sorted out by NC.

Can Hee-dong Kwon stay with his original team, NC, even in this difficult situation? Maybe he’s the only option. Time and calculations on both sides are running complicated.

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