There is only one team with all ‘5+1’ members… The foreign quota increased by two, but the clubs were ‘Jeongjung-dong’ 

 The change to be noticed in this year’s ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ is the ‘foreigner quota’.

Previously, each K League 1 team could have three foreign players regardless of nationality, one player from an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) member country (Asia Quarter), and one player from a Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) member country.

However, as the AFC changed the foreign participation rules from the 2023/24 season Champions League (ACL), increasing the maximum number of players with no nationality to 5, and allowing one AFC player to be added separately, K League 1 also changed in step with it. . However, the number of participating players in the K-League 1 was maintained at ‘3+1’ as before.

The holding limit has changed, but the participation limit has remained the same, so many teams in the K-League 1 did not make any major changes. Of the 12 teams, the team filled with ‘3+1’ accounted for half of the 6 teams.메이저놀이터

In particular, as of the 24th, Jeju United has only recruited three foreign players without an Asian quota. Yuri and Heis (Brazil) newly joined the existing Jonathan Ling (Sweden). 

An official from Jeju explained, “It’s not that Nam Gi-il didn’t consider the Asian quota. I’ve been to Japan to check players, and I’m constantly looking at them.

“There is no recruitment within the remaining transfer market period. There is a possibility of recruitment in the summer transfer market. We are approaching carefully rather than blindly attacking if the conditions are right. Also, I believe in Yuri, who has been recruited this time, because I have watched him for a long time. Good players We prepared well,” he added.

As the ACL has been changed to the Chuchun system from this season, K-League 1 clubs participating in the ACL can spend more time in the transfer market this summer and challenge the Asian stage.

Perhaps for that reason, Jeonbuk, Ulsan, Pohang, and Incheon, all participating in the ACL, did not fill all five players with no nationality except for the Asian quota in the winter transfer market, which is still open. Ulsan started the season with a ‘4+1’ system, while Jeonbuk, Pohang, and Incheon maintained a ‘3+1’ system. 

An official from Ulsan said, “It is a composition that has been filled with all the power envisioned. Each position boasts the best skills in the league and has brought in players who are playing in other leagues.” We will watch,” he said.

Jeonbuk is similar. An official from Jeonbuk also said, “The ACL is only a ‘5+1’ system, and K League 1 maintains the existing quota. Also, since August, there has been an ACL, so we are watching the first half and thinking about additional reinforcement in the summer transfer market. Director Park Ji-seong and Kim Sang-sik We will look for players who can influence our team power by considering various aspects under the guidance of the coach.”

The promoted teams, Gwangju and Daejeon, also filled ‘4+1’ and ‘3+1’ respectively, and Daegu was the only team to fill up ‘5+1’.

Daegu filled all five players with only Brazilian players by recruiting Cesinha, Edgar, Pena, and Asia Quarter Keita, as well as Serato and Baselus this time.

An official from Daegu said, “It was organized according to the revised rules. We quickly recruited players according to the desired conditions and filled them up.” “he explained.

Regarding the filling of all five foreign players, he replied, “(The club’s) goal was great and there were sluggish points last season, so we prepared and tried to make up for it by moving quickly in the transfer market.”

Excluding the Asian Quarter, the percentage of teams with more than four players is about 41%. Although the retention limit has increased, the quota that can participate in the game has not increased, so each club is showing a different attitude to the expansion of foreign players.

Since the summer transfer market remains, there is a possibility of using the remaining foreign player quota depending on the club’s situation. For ACL participating teams, the first half of the season and the summer transfer market have become even more important.

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