“They say you meddle in every little thing”…Merchants who caught Baek Jong-won ‘again’

In the second half of the video posted on Mr. Baek’s YouTube channel on the 22nd, two vendors from the Budget Noodle Street met with Mr. Baek under the theme of “The Story of Noodle Street and Beyond”.

The vendors shared their difficulties with Mr. Baek, saying, “Sales are down,” and “I’m very upset.” Mr. Baek responded, “I’m not leaving, I’m just putting up a sign,” and expressed his desire to help them again. Two of the vendors then visited The Von Korea for recipe training토토사이트. When advised that they might have to change their main menu, they said, “It’s okay to change,” and actively showed their willingness to improve.

Previously, in April, Baek announced that he would remove the name of the budget noodle soup street, formerly known as Baek Jongwon Noodle Street, after some vendors said that Baek “meddles too much in the hygiene management of the store” and that they “don’t need his help anymore”. Mr. Baek chartered a tour bus and provided training opportunities for vendors on hospitality, hygiene, and safety, but some vendors complained that Mr. Baek was “meddling in every little thing and making things too difficult for people.”

“We spent years of effort and a lot of money, but I think they were uncomfortable,” Baek said, adding, “If we did something wrong, they would get mad at us. I also felt very hurt,” and decided to remove his name from Gukbap Street, saying, “There are still owners who are trying, so I just hope that Gukbap Street will do well.”

(Photo via YouTube’s ‘Honey Dome Can’t Dry’)
The hygiene controversy at the Budget Gukbap Street also arose on the 12th. At that time, the YouTube channel ‘Honey Dome Can’t Dry’ uploaded a video titled ‘Shocking Recent Situation of Gukbap Street in Budget Market that Baek Jongwon Gave Up’. In the video, a customer protested when a fly came out of his food.

The customer shouted at the restaurant, “How can you do business like this when you’re eating?” The employee replied, “Why? Is it because of the fly? I’m sorry, I’ll bring you something else.” The customer claimed, “I don’t usually pay attention to flies in the summer. It can happen, please understand. I can’t help it, it’s summer.” When the customer protested, “That’s why you have to be careful,” the boss replied, “I don’t have to be careful. Paris XX,” he responded.

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