They were friendly, but… “If you disappoint me, I won’t see you next year.”

Two days before the opening of professional baseball, managers and representative players from 10 clubs gathered together.

It was generally a friendly atmosphere, but the fans did not forget to give advice about various unpleasant things recently.

This is Reporter Park Jae-woong.

◀ Report ▶ Lee

Jung-hoo, who will be in the final season of the KBO.

[Lee Jung-hoo/Kiwoom]
“They say that they will go to America to play a lot after this year, but I think I need to do better…”

Won Tae-in greets fans with a colorful necklace안전놀이터.

[Won Tae-in/Samsung]
“It’s quite burdensome. All eyes are focused on this…”

Oh Ji-hwan promised hot fan service.

[LG fan]
“My girlfriend and I are getting married on December 1st. I was wondering if you could come and host.”

[Oh Ji-hwan/LG]
“You said it as a promise to win, but regardless of that, I’ll host it unconditionally.”

The atmosphere on Media Day was friendly, but the players who participated in the WBC had a heavy heart.

[Koo Chang-mo/NC]
“I feel like everything is twisted because of me, and it’s a bit regretful that I couldn’t show a good performance during the actual battle.”

[Kang Baek-ho/KT]

Fans did not forget the harsh advice about the scandalous incidents that occurred right before the opening, such as sexual crimes and demands for back money.

[Jeong Ye-rim/Baseball fan]
“Don’t be arrogant if you’re good at it, practice more if you’re not good at it, and I hope you have this consistency.”

[Jin Gyu-ri, Hwang Jeong-hee/baseball fan] “I passed on it once or twice, but no more. I won’t watch it from next year. <From next time on, I’ll really stop, I’ll quit. I don’t watch baseball

It opens the day after tomorrow with.

This is Park Jae-woong from MBC News.

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