This is the crazy physical of the ’35’ La Liga top scorer! “I thought it was Robocop…”

‘RoboCop’ Robert Lewandowski.”

‘Polish Express’ Robert Lewandowski (35, Barcelona) revealed his 35 years old and solid physical through his SNS on the 31st (Korean time안전놀이터).

Born in 1988, Lewandowski revealed a picture of himself lifting a barbell and doing individual exercises at the gym with a bright smile along with the line, ‘Morning at the gym’. Fans can’t stop admiring the ‘Crazy Body’ post.

In an Instagram comment, one fan wrote, “The body is like a stone,” and another commented, “It’s a complete machine.” When another fan added a line, ‘RoboCop!’, another fan responded with ‘Terminator!’ ‘Wow!’ from fans around the world Exclamations poured out all at once.

Lewandowski moved to Barcelona from Bayern Munich last summer and has been adapting to the storm since his first season. Currently, La Liga continues to score 25 goals in 33 matches, including 15 goals in 22 matches (league top scorer). holding the lead.

Lewandowski’s performance over the years and his tireless physicality are the result of professional and thorough management. Lewandowski’s unique ‘reverse diet’ method of eating dessert first is famous. He believes it helps burn fat faster and energizes the body this way. During his time at Bayern Munich, Lewandowski once said, “People don’t understand. They shake their heads when they see me finish a meal with soup.” His wife, Anna, also mentioned a diet that refrained from lactose and flour. In 2019, he said, “The most important thing is training and nutrition,” and “It’s about quality food. We refrain from lactose and flour. We enjoy pancakes, brownies, vegetable spaghetti, porridge, and high-quality fish.” “I sometimes drink beet juice with cinnamon or cayenne pepper after training,” he said.

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