UFC Cannoneer beats Strickland to keep middleweight title fight alive

UFC middleweight ranking third place Jared Cannoneer (38, USA) defeated Sean Strickland (31, USA), who ranked 7th, and revived the embers of the title fight.

Cannonier defeated Strickland by split decision (49-46 46-49 49-46) at the UFC Fight Night held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 18th (Korean time).

Cannonier continued to attack the lower body from the first round to block Strickland’s jab.

When impact is accumulated on the front leg, it is difficult to load the force and the power of the jab is halved.스포츠토토

Canonier’s leg kicks landed six times in the first round alone, and Strickland limped off his leg after the first round ended.

However, Strickland did not give in and pressed Cannoneer with jabs and one-twos. The number of effective hits to the head was 89-35, with Strickland more than doubling his lead.

Instead, Cannoneer used his strength to attack Strickland’s face red with powerful punches while attacking mainly his legs.

In the end, the referee’s decision was 2-1, and Cannoneer’s hand was raised.

Canonier said after the match, “I was pretty confident and thought I had won. Compare the look on his face at the start and end of the match and you’ll see the blow Strickland took.”

He continued, “I want to have a title match as soon as possible. Please give me a title match or a top ranked player who will lead me to the title match.”

Cannoneer lost by decision to middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (33, Nigeria) in July, and the current champion was changed to Alex Pereira (35, Brazil).