Wearing a wetsuit and sweeping 150,000 golf balls at the golf course ‘Water Hazard’

Police caught a gang that stole 150,000 golf balls for 1 year and 4 months by entering the golf course ‘Water Hazard’ wearing wetsuits or chest boots late at night.

Jeju Seogwipo Police Station arrested A (60) on the 4th for stealing 150,000 ‘lost balls’, which means golf balls that fell into a puddle by breaking into a golf course in Jeju area (special theft).

In addition, an accomplice, Mr. B, in his 60s, is being investigated for the same charges.

They are accused of collecting 150,000 golf balls that have fallen into the water while touring around 20 golf courses in Jeju from December 2021 until recently.

It was found that Mr. A and others went to the golf course late at night when security was loose.

It was confirmed that they entered the water hazard of the golf course wearing wetsuits and chest boots prepared in advance and 메이저사이트retrieved the balls on the floor one by one with a long tongs-shaped golf ball collector.

The police, who obtained intelligence, arrested Mr. A as a current criminal in Seogwipo City on the 2nd.

According to the police, Mr. A and Mr. B sold the stolen golf balls to Mr. C and Mr. D, who are professional purchasers in their 50s, for 200 won each, and earned a total of 30 million won.

It was investigated that Mr. C and Mr. D bought the balls even though they knew they were stolen, divided the grades according to the degree of scratches and the coating condition, and resold them for 10,000 won for 10 balls in good condition.

There are many people who are looking for a lost ball for practice or for beginners.

Mr. A and Mr. B stated in the police investigation that they used the money from selling golf balls for living expenses.

The police are investigating Mr. C and Mr. D as well on charges of acquiring stolen property.

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