Weight loss of 8kg, body fat 10%. DB’s new captain Sangjae Kang “Preparation for position 3, all focus on team performance”

The new captain of Wonju DB Promy is Sangjae Kang.

He prepared thoroughly this season. He first created the body.

He lost 8kg of weight. Kang Sang-jae, whom I met in Kawasaki, Japan on the 15th, said, “I lost my usual weight of 105 kg to about 97-98 kg. My body fat was usually about 16%, but it decreased to about 10-11%.”

DB coach Kim Joo-seong pointed out Kang Sang-jae as the key player this season.

It has to be that way. DB has Doo Kyung-min and Kim Jong-gyu. However, Doo Kyung-min has completed rehabilitation and is preparing to return. Kim Jong-gyu is pledging to make a comeback in the national team.

Doo Kyung-min needs to adjust his playing time, and Kim Jong-gyu is the key behind the DB goal.

Didrick Lawson and Ethan Albano should also form a strong one-two punch. DB’s basic power is formidable. However, there are still elements of anxiety.

Kang Sang-jae must be active both inside and outside. He must play from the power forward position to small forward.

Coach Kim Joo-seong said, “We plan to actively use the triple post this season.” The triple post has a height advantage, but may have weaknesses in speed and transitions.

However, DB’s triple post is slightly different. Both Jong-Kyu Kim and Lawson have mobility. The same goes for Kang Sangjae. If Kim Jong-gyu and Lawson play the roles they are accustomed to in their positions, Kang Sang-jae should focus more on the perimeter depending on his team’s circumstances.

Kang Sang-jae also knows this fact well.

That’s why he said, “It’s not a situation where you can only see the number 4 (power forward). I prepared in the off-season to reduce weight and increase speed.”메이저놀이터

He also talked about the responsibility of captaincy. “We haven’t made the playoffs in three seasons, and I have a lot of responsibility as my first captain. The coach always emphasizes that no matter how well an individual does, it doesn’t mean anything if the team loses. I agree with Mill 100%. The focus is on the team winning rather than individual records. “When you become captain, it is important to show good team chemistry both on and off the court,” he said.

SK and KCC are considered the top two this season. However, DB’s power is also formidable. Kang Sang-jae said, “Brother Chan-hee Park is talking. I don’t think we are behind SK or KCC in terms of individual members. However, I didn’t think that we had 100% teamwork last season. It is important to recognize each person’s role on and off the court. “If this part is done, there will be good results,” he said.

After this season ends, Kang Sang-jae will qualify as a free agent.

He said, “Every season is important, but this season is especially so. Even though I am a free agent, I feel a sense of responsibility as the captain. If the team does well, I will naturally receive good reviews in the free agent market. My personal goal is to play healthily. Personal greed.” “There has never been one. We always focus on the team’s performance and play the game,” he said.

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