Well’ even in Munich… Kane who wants a new record prefers to stay in England?

According to a report by Britain’s ‘Give Me Sports’ on the 29th (Korean time), Michael Bridges, a reporter for ‘Sky Sports’ in the UK, said, “Kane wants to continue playing in the English Premier League (EPL) and break records. Last October, Munich was a candidate for destination. It was mentioned as a , but I don’t think it will be able to draw Kane’s interest at the moment.”

Kane is Tottenham’s key striker and iconic player in name and reality. He has been responsible for most of the team’s goals over a long period of time and is regarded as England’s best goalscorer. In particular, his performance in the 2020-21 season was remarkable. He was both top scorer and assist top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) with 23 goals and 14 assists.

However, as Tottenham ceased to be unrelated at the time, Kane struggled with a new challenge. In the end, Kane, who remained with the team, continues to lead Tottenham’s attack this season. During the first half, even in a situation where other offensive resources such as Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevski, and Richarlisong were unable to play properly due to injuries, Kane did his part.

Kane has scored 16 goals in 21 league matches 토토사이트 so far. He is ranked second in league scoring behind Elling Haaland (Manchester City, 25 goals). Son Heung-min, who was the top scorer last season, has only four goals, while Kulusevski scored two. Other strikers, including Richarlison, Lucas Moura and Brian Hill, have yet to score in the league.

The problem is that it is impossible to guarantee how long Kane will be able to play for Tottenham. Kane’s contract with Tottenham ends in the summer of 2024. He has only one year left on his contract at the end of this season, unless he renews it. Therefore, rumors of a transfer may occur in earnest after the season ends.

At least recently, the British ‘Evening Standard’ said, “Kane can start a conversation with the club for the first time since August 2021. Recently, there has been a rumor of a transfer to Manchester United, but his priority is to win the championship with Tottenham,” revealing the possibility of renewing the contract. mentioned about

Also, even if Kane leaves Tottenham, it is highly likely that he will not leave the EPL stage. because of the record. Kane recently scored 266 goals in Tottenham’s career against Fulham. Along with Jimmy Greaves, he is the top scorer in Tottenham’s career, and if he adds just one more goal, he will become the sole top scorer.

He is aiming straight for the first place in EPL career scoring. Kane is currently ranked third in the Premier League with 199 goals. Wayne Rooney is second with 208 goals and Alan Shearer leads with 260 goals. If Kane plays in England for another four or five years, he has a good chance of becoming the top scorer. These points seem to be the reasons for thinking about Kane’s overseas transfer.

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