What happened to Choi Ji-man?… Pittsburgh, blatant ‘passing’

Choi Ji-man kept the bench for the second game.

Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates) missed the season home opener against the Chicago White Sox on the 8th (Korean time).

It is a two-game absence in a row following the Boston Red Sox match on the 6th.

What is unusual is the fact that he kept the bench even though the opposing starting pitcher was a right-hander in both games.

In particular, against the White Sox, he could have appeared as a pinch hitter to maintain a sense of hitting in a situation where he was significantly ahead, but Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton did not even look at Choi.

Why not hire a player who makes $4.65 million a year?

First, there are no seats. Choi Ji-man was expected to alternate between first base and designated hitter with Carlos Santana.

However, manager Shelton is using Santana as a fixed first baseman.

Santana’s batting average is only 0.185 as of the 8th, but he hit two home runs.

Choi Ji-man played as the designated hitter for two consecutive games, but only scored one hit.

However, when Andrew McCutchen became the designated hitter안전놀이터, even Choi Ji-man’s designated hitter position disappeared.

However, if Jack Swinski gives him a chance, but falls into a severe slump and is excluded from the starting lineup in the future, there is a possibility that McKutchen will return to his original position in place of Swinsky and only Choi will be appointed as the designated hitter again.

However, if he doesn’t produce even given a chance, he could also be eliminated from the selection.

Santana is expected to take over as first baseman for the time being. When Santana plays as the designated hitter, Choi Ji-man is expected to be the first baseman.

Second, the condition may not be good. Pittsburgh is managing Choi Ji-man very carefully, who underwent bone fragment removal surgery last year.

It may be that he is not in a hurry to appoint only Choi in order to prepare for the case that Santana reveals physical problems or performs sluggishly.

If this is not the case, it is incomprehensible to ‘neglect’ Choi Ji-man, who will become a free agent after this season.

What the hell is going on with Choi Ji-man? It might be better to trade than to ‘neglect’ like this.

The starting pitcher for the White Sox on the 9th is also right-hander Mike Clevinger. Attention is focusing on whether Choi Ji-man will be the starting pitcher.

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