What is the selection for LG’s opening game against kt, which Benjamin predicted?

Like last year, kt announced the selection for the opening game early this year. On the 15th, kt coach Lee Kang-cheol announced that he would put Wes Benjamin as the starting pitcher for the opening game against LG.토토사이트

Coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I came up to 149 km in live pitching. Last season’s highest fastball speed was 147 km.” He continued, “Kang Baek-ho, who stood at bat, praised him, saying, ‘This is the best left hand ever in the KBO league.’ Moreover, because the opponent was a strong team, LG, we declared war in advance.”

Benjamin joined the KBO League last year as a substitute mercenary for Cuevas and showed a good performance by recording 5 wins and 4 losses with an ERA of 2.70 in 17 games. In particular, in the second half, he showed good performance in the kt starting lineup, recording an average ERA of 2.45 and an on-base percentage of 0.96 in 13 games, 4 wins and 3 losses.

This performance continued in the postseason. He managed to renew his contract with kt by showing a stable appearance with an average ERA of 2.77 with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 hold in 3 games (2 starts).

However, he did not have much fun against LG. Last season, against LG, he struggled with 7 hits (1 home run), 4 strikeouts, 3 runs (3 earned) in 4 innings, and suffered the yoke of defeat.

Then, who will LG, who faces kt in the opening game, put forward as a starter? It’s still premature to predict, but LG is also likely to make a foreign pitcher as a starter.

The most promising candidate for the opening match is LG Ace Kelly. Kelly won the most wins last season with an average ERA of 2.54 and 16 wins and 4 losses in 27 games. Renewing the contract with LG was a natural step.

One of Kelly’s signature renown was as a wizard hunter. He was extremely strong with an average ERA of 0.69 without winning or losing two games against kt last season. Unfortunately, he took the mound in both games in Suwon, recording 6 scoreless innings and 7 innings with 1 run. All showed off QS pitching.

Moreover, his overall performance against kt was considerable, with an average ERA of 1.80, with 5 wins and no losses in 10 games. In Suwon, it was stronger with an average ERA of 1.19, 5 wins and no losses in 8 games. For now, the weight has no choice but to lean more towards Kelly.

However, Plutko is also a player with a high possibility of starting the opening game. Due to Kelly’s injury last season, Plutko even took on the heavy responsibility of starting the opening game. He remembers becoming a winning pitcher by pitching 6 scoreless innings against KIA at the time.

Plutko recorded an average ERA of 2.39 with 15 wins and 5 losses in 28 games last season, forming a one-two punch with Kelly as a foreign starter. In the postseason, he struggled with 1 game and 6 runs (4 earned runs) in 1.2 innings, but his performance in the regular season was excellent and he succeeded in renewing his contract.

Plutko also complied with an average ERA of 2.77 against kt with 2 wins and 1 loss. In particular, he has a good memory of becoming a winning pitcher by pitching well with 2 runs (1 earned run) in 6 innings in 1 game in Suwon.

Last season, LG recorded an advantage against kt with 9 wins and 7 losses. Attention is focusing on who will be in charge of the opening game of this season.

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