Who is the 15th match queen of the KLPGA? Hong Jung-min’s 2nd consecutive victory, attention to Park Min-ji and Bang Shin-sil

Who will be the 15th ‘Match Queen’ of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour?

The Doosan Match Play Championship (total prize money), the only match play competition on the KLPGA Tour, will be held at Ladena Country Club (par 72) in Chuncheon, Gangwon for five days from the 17th.

The tournament will be decided in a 1v1 match play format. A total of 64 players are organized into 16 groups of 4, and only the first place in each group advances to the round of 16 tournament through the full league.

As only 1st place out of 4 goes to the tournament, in fact, it is a structure where you have to ‘win’ to win. In the long schedule of 5 days, you can become a ‘Match Queen’ only when you maintain your composure and maintain your stamina.

Although this year marks its 15th anniversary, the fact that there has never been a successful title defense also explains the difficulty and fierceness of this tournament.

Hong Jeong-min (21, CJ), the “defending champion” who won the first championship in his career last year, is challenging for the first time in history to win two consecutive championships. At that time, Hong Jung-min created a sensation by defeating Park Min-ji (25, NH Investment & Securities) in the quarterfinals against Lim Hee-jeong (23, Doosan E&C) in the semifinals and then last year’s rookie Ye-won Lee (20, KB Financial Group) in the final.

Hong Jung-min said, “It was a strange feeling when I first participated, but now I feel like I’m back in my hometown.”

In the group lottery held on the 16th, Hong Jeong-min was Lee Chae-eun (24, Ankang Construction), Seo Yeon-jeong (28, Yojin Construction Industry),

In particular, the confrontation with Bang Sin-sil, who has recently been attracting attention with a long hit of 300 yards, is attracting attention.

Bang Shin-sil, who was unable to secure a full seed by ranking 40th in the seed match, earned the right to participate in this tournament by playing an active role in the KLPGA Championship 4th and NH Investment & Securities Championship 3rd.

Hong Jung-min said, “I have memories of staying together with Bang Sin-sil during my national team days.”

Park Min-ji, the winner of this competition in 2021, who was caught by Hong Jung-min in this competition last year, is also aiming to win again. Having not yet won a championship this season, he also has a desire for a ‘first win’.

Park Min-ji said메이저사이트, “This tournament is the most special and anticipated tournament because it feels like I’m competing directly with other players.”

Park Min-ji was formed in Group 2 with Jeon Ye-seong (22, Angang Construction), Kim Ji-young 2 (27, Hanwha Q Cells), and Lee Joo-mi (28, Golden Blue).

Another group of death is group 6. Park Ji-young (27, Korea Real Estate Trust), who is running at the top of the target points this season, Choi Eun-woo (28, Amano), and Lee Da-yeon (26, Mediheal), were selected one after another this season’s winners. Newcomer Bae Soo-yeon (23) was added to this.

In addition, Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro), who ranked first in the rookie of the year, will compete in Group 13 with Jo A-yeon (23, Korea Real Estate Trust), Seong Yu-jin (23, Hanwha Q Cells), and Cho Eun-hye (25, Q Capital). Kim Min-byeol challenges ‘Rookie Match Queen’ in 13 years since Lee Jung-min in 2010.

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