“Why are there so many Korean hospitals?” Cambodia BJ death mystery set

Experts have identified three questions regarding the case in which a famous Korean female BJ was found dead in Cambodia.

Seung Jae-hyeon, a senior researcher at the Korea Criminal Justice Policy Institute, an expert in criminal law, appeared on CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 13th and said, “First of all, I wish the deceased’s soul and express my condolences to the bereaved family.” I traveled to Cambodia and went to a local hospital on the 4th, two days later, to receive a serum injection. This is the part we need to reveal,” he said.

Earlier, according to local media such as the Cambodian Daily Rajmay News, on the 6th, the body of a Korean woman was found wrapped in a red mat and abandoned in a puddle by a pond in Kandal Province, near Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. This woman is Korean tourist Byun Ah-yeong (33), a famous internet broadcaster with 250,000 social media followers. Her active name was ‘ BJ Ayoung’.

In connection with the death of Mr. Byun, a Chinese couple in their 30s who ran a hospital in Kandal State was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body. During the police investigation, they stated that while Mr. Byun, who visited the hospital on the 4th, had a sudden seizure and died while being treated. They are said to have abandoned her after carrying her body in her car.

Researcher Seung picked ‘place’ as the first question. Why did they visit a hospital run by a Chinese couple and not a Korean hospital? He said, “It is common sense to go to a Korean hospital to accurately explain your symptoms when you are sick abroad.”

Oh Seong-il, director of Global Korean Hospital, who runs a Korean hospital in Cambodia, said, “If Phnom Penh is Seoul, then Kandal is Gyeonggi-do스포츠토토.” There are several hospitals run by Korean doctors,” he told the media.

Researcher Seung raised the second question regarding ‘serum injection’. It is said that it is not known what kind of symptoms Byeon specifically showed and what kind of treatment he received. Research Fellow Seung said, “When you get malaria or tetanus, you inject serum to boost your immunity. I think we need to look into why (Byeon) had to get that kind of injection and why that kind of prescription came out in the hospital.” “Is this a medical accident? Otherwise, we must look at whether it is an ‘incident’.”

When the presenter mentioned that there must have been something to hide about abandoning the body, he said, “If it was a medical accident, it should have been handled like that (according to the procedure), but why did you abandon the body with a red cloth within an hour’s distance? It has to be made clear,” he said.

Third, it was pointed out that marks of beatings were found on the body and that the face was swollen. Previously, local media reported that bruises and fractures presumably caused by beatings were confirmed in various places on Mr. Byun’s face and body. Researcher Seung said, “If you get a serum injection, your face can swell, but the side effects of assault and drug addiction are completely different.” No part of the body is broken like this.”

He emphasized, “Since the cause of (death) has not been revealed, I see it as an accident.”

Regarding an acquaintance who accompanied Mr. Byun, he said, “I’m not telling you what’s going on, but I’m afraid and I may not be able to talk because I have a little mental trauma (trauma).” ” he mentioned.

In addition, regarding the fact that the bereaved family is known to oppose the autopsy of Mr. Byun, he said, “Unlike in the past, even if an autopsy is performed, you can do it with courtesy and watch from the side.” ” he asked.

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