Why did the home fans give a ‘standing ovation’ to Lee Kang-in, who ’emptily’ missed a goal chance?

Visit Mallorca Estadi, where Mallorca and Villarreal clashed in the 22nd round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-23 season on the 19th.

In the 28th minute of the second half, Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) had a decisive scoring chance. Mallorca led 4-2. If Lee Kang-in had put it in, it would have set off a bone firecracker.메이저놀이터

Kang-in Lee dribbled and ran alone in a counterattack situation, and faced a one-on-one situation with the opposing goalkeeper. Everyone expected this moment. It’s Lee Kang-in’s goal. Lee Kang-in’s left-footed shot. The ball went empty to the right of the goal. Lee Kang-in also swallowed regret.

If a normal striker makes such a futile mistake, he cannot escape criticism. Because it was such a decisive opportunity. It is self-evident that all manner of ridicule was accompanied. He has seen such players countless times.

However, the reaction of Mallorca fans to Lee Kang-in’s mistake was different. Mallorca home fans who filled the stadium gave a ‘standing ovation’ to Lee Kang-in, who made a mistake. Along with the absolute support of the few Korean fans who visited the stadium, a large number of local fans burst into applause.

Why? What did it mean?

Fortunately, the moment Lee Kang-in made a fatal mistake was a situation where Mallorca was ahead 4-2, in fact, the game was split. If Mallorca was losing by one goal, or if such a mistake had been made in a tie situation, Lee Kang-in would not have been able to avoid criticism either.

And obviously, the home fans knew exactly what role Lee Kang-in played until Mallorca took a 4-2 lead.

In a 1-1 situation, it was Lee Kang-in who started Rodriguez’s second goal. In the 44th minute of the first half, in the left corner, with two defenders attached, Lee Kang-in tenaciously raised a cross. Maffeo brought it back to the gate, and Rodriguez finished it with his head.

Lee Kang-in did not stop here and assisted Rodriguez’s goal with an accurate courier corner kick in the 11th minute of the second half when the score was 2-2. This goal was the winning goal. If you score 1 goal, you chased 1 goal, and then Lee Kang-in stepped up. This process was repeated twice. In effect, Lee Kang-in broke Villarreal’s will to pursue.

Mallorca home fans have been thirsty for a goal drought this season. The most goals scored at home this season was one. It was miserable. Thanks to Lee Kang-in’s performance, Mallorca scored more than two goals at home for the first time this season. The 4 goals was a flood of goals that he had never experienced this season. Lee Kang-in created a situation where the home fans couldn’t help but rejoice.

In addition to the offensive part, Lee Kang-in’s defensive part was enough to attract home fans.

Who said Lee Kang-in’s defense is weak and passive about joining the defense? It was never like this day. The one who defended the most militantly was none other than Lee Kang-in.

Mallorca’s first attack in this match also started with a steel following Kang-in Lee’s pressure. Lee Kang-in pressed, pressed, and pressed so hard that the opponent couldn’t breathe. It was a game in which his bad temper really shined.

Lee Kang-in performed the best in both offense and defense. He was also Lee Kang-in, who showed the sharpest pass and the most active fighting spirit. It can be interpreted that Mallorca fans responded with a standing ovation even though he made a mistake because they felt the sincerity of Lee Kang-in for his competitiveness and value, risking everything for the team. It is a bonus that this day was Lee Kang-in’s birthday.

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