Will ‘God of Thunder’ Curry beat ‘Gauntleted’ LeBron?

In the world of Marvel Comics, which boasts a long history, it is full of various characters with their own personalities and colors. If you narrow down the scope slightly to the movie Avengers trilogy, the strongest character in the work is by far ‘Thanos’. Even if he knocks down the strongest Hulk with his bare hands with two fists and a number of hero-level heroes work together, he can overcome it without difficulty. Even in the movie, the main characters appear as the end kings to overcome.

Even Thanos is ridiculously strong, but when he wears the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’, he becomes truly invincible. It is to use an Infinity Stone with transcendental power embedded in one’s gauntlet, and the moment one wears it, the combat power rises to infinity. In the NBA, a comparable player to Thanos is ‘King’ LeBron James (38‧206cm).

He runs like a buffalo with a muscular, solid and massive body, and puts in a dunk shot when the rim breaks, and shows various skills with flexible and delicate movements that make his large physique pale. If you want to get the zero point, it is possible to dominate the game with only mid-range and 3-point shooting. Where is that? Not only does he play while reading the flow with his eyes on the entire court, he constantly sprinkles sharp and sharp assists in the process.

The evaluation that he has the strengths of a swingman and guard with the body of a power forward does not sound like an exaggeration. Like Thanos, even if he faces off against a number of top-class players, he confronts them with their specialties and subdues them. After stepping on the NBA stage with the overall first pick in the 2003 draft, he maintains the top rank (if he does well, the top rank) even if he does not consistently do well every season. In addition to physical condition and talent, effort and durability… , He is truly the ‘King of the Monsters’ who has shown a perfect appearance in every way.

Recently, Lebron has been evaluated as doing well, but is coming down little by little from the top. No matter how much he has physical abilities and talents that are different from other players, it is because as a human being, physical decline due to age is inevitable. Nevertheless, it is evaluated that his team, the Lakers, has a good chance of challenging the championship this season.

Lebron of the past didn’t need the Infinity Gauntlet. He was a player who could do two or three things by himself anyway, so there was a reason why he was powerful enough just to be with good role players. However, recently, it seems to be driving up performance through the distribution of power by driving Infinite Stones into the gauntlet one by one.

This season, before the trade deadline, the Lakers acquired a large number of players with substantial value rather than name values, and as a result, the overall player base has become solid. While ‘Super Seagull’ Anthony Davis (30‧208cm), who is active with a one-two punch, was summoned in resurrection mode, the power of the gauntlet is evolving as the match continues as the rest of the players add strength. In some ways, it is an analysis that it has become more demanding than when LeBron used to play drums and drums. In the conference finals and finals, there is a high possibility of transforming more powerfully.

In that respect, the second round of the playoffs against the defending champion Golden State Warriors is expected to be the biggest obstacle for the Lakers to go to the top. Golden State is not the strongest in objective power, but it emits a game that does not lose no matter what power it meets in the playoffs because it has a lot of experience in big games.

If LeBron represents the Lakers, Golden State has Stephen Curry (35‧188cm), a ‘spicy curry’. Curry is a LeBron-level player, and although he does not boast of being a top class in all areas, he has a special technique called the 3-point shot that represents himself. He’s seldom a basketball player who can’t hit the 3-pointer, but Curry’s is more special. He even changed the NBA trend.

As can be seen from 4 NBA Finals championships, 2 regular season MVPs, 1 Finals MVP, 1st place in career 3-point shooting, and 8 All-Star selections, Curry’s 3-point shot is one of the best weapons to dominate the league. It is reminiscent of Mjolnir,안전놀이터 the strongest hammer used by Thor, the ‘God of Thunder’ who breaks anything. If LeBron’s gauntlet emits various powers evenly, Curry’s Mjolnir, which means ‘to smash’ in ancient Norse, is a simple but unstoppable strongest weapon.

Thor’s Mjolnir boasts a high degree of accuracy that hits the target just by throwing it. It boasted a level of destructive power that was difficult to defend even if it was blocked there, so numerous enemies such as Trim, Hrungnir, and Jormungand fell to their knees. Curry is like that too. Regardless of the distance or timing, once the fingertips become hot, the absurd feeling of ‘Does that fit?’

The colleagues who wrote the legend of the Golden State dynasty together are also outstanding. In particular, Draymond Green (33‧198cm) of ‘Day Day’, who is more reassuring than anyone else if he sets his mind and does his best by his side, but is like a ticking time bomb who doesn’t know where to go, reminds Thor of his crying and laughing half-brother ‘Loki’. . Thor’s father is Asgard’s legendary absolute Odin, and Curry’s father is also Dell Curry, who enjoyed an era in the NBA. The saying ‘there is no one under the amulet’ fits perfectly.

Currently, the Lakers and Golden State are facing a tight match with 1 win and 1 loss. In Game 1, the Lakers won the game 117-112 with Davis’ all-round defense. In particular, in a winning game, Curry was praised for his clever play that shook the Lakers defense through a passing game, using his intensive defense as a reverse.

Curry’s thunderbolt three-point shot, or Lebron heavily armed with the Infinity Gauntlet? Fans’ eyes and ears are focused on the clash between the two superstars, which is as exciting as the war between the gods in mythology. The important thing is that both Curry and LeBron know how to win all too well. No one knows the end of the Big Bang.

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