WKBL Rising Star Team lost 84:89 in the All-Star Korea-Japan exchange match

The Korean Women’s Basketball League (WKBL) Rising Star team unfortunately lost in a head-to-head match against Japan’s W-League All-Stars.

The WKBL Rising Star team lost 84-89 in the ‘W League All-Star 2022-2023 in Ariake’ event match held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th at 4:40 pm.

In Korea, Park Ji-hyun (Woori Bank) scored 25 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists, including 5 3-pointers, Lee Hae-ran (Samsung Life) scored 17 points and 8 rebounds, and Lee So-hee (BNK Some) recorded 9 points and 3 assists, but unfortunately won. Missed. Park Ji-hyun, who wrote the ‘double-double’ with the most points scored by both teams, became the main character of the Skill Development Award (MIP).

In Japan, Nanako Todo (Toyota Textile) recorded 9 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists, and was selected as the MVP of the match.

Jeon Joo-won (Woori Bank), coach of the WKBL Rising Star team, formed Lee Hae-ran, Park Ji-hyeon, Lee So-hee, Lee Hye-mi (Shinhan Bank), and Na Yoon-jeong (Woori Bank) as the starting lineup.

The WKBL Rising Star team actively attempted a 3-point shot from the beginning of the first quarter. After 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the first goal was scored. Park Ji-hyun put a 3-point shot into the rim. Park Ji-hyun’s firepower, which had found a sense, did not seem to cool down. He added three 3’s. Na Yoon-jung, Lee Hae-ran, and Yang Ji-soo (KB Stars) all made three-point shots. In the second half of the first quarter, the Rising Star team took a 29-7 lead. stalled after that. Mai Yamamoto (Toyota Motors) and Moeno Oka (Yamanashi QB) allowed 3-pointers in a row. With Park Ji-Hyun scoring 14 points and Lee Hae-Ran scoring 9 points, the Rising Star team finished the first quarter with a 31-18 lead.

The Rising Star team struggled to bring back the atmosphere that was given at the end of the first quarter크크크벳. In the second quarter, he could not respond to Japan’s fast basketball. Turnover exploded. Afterwards, Mai Yoshida (Chanson Cosmetics), Naomi Kitagawa (Niigata), and Asuka Hiramatsu (Akita) hit a three-point shot. allowed the opponent to pursue. The score gap narrowed to 36-31 in the middle of the second quarter. Jo Soo-ah (Samsung Life Insurance) tried to turn the atmosphere around by blowing two rooms at three stores. However, the Rising Star team could not widen the score gap. The first half ended 45-42.

The Rising Star team took the lead 48 seconds into the third quarter. It was overturned 45-46. After that, he gave away 3-pointers in a row to Aya Watabe (Mitsubishi) and Yuki Miyazawa (FUJIYSU). In the middle of the third quarter, it was 49-59, and the gap widened to 10 points. After the second quarter, they only scored 14 points in the third quarter. Lee Hae-ran struggled with 4 points and Park Jin-young scored 4 points, but could not narrow the score gap. The Rising Stars finished the third quarter with a 59-66 trailing 7 points.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Rising Star team showed their physical limits. My feet got heavy. Shooting accuracy also dropped. However, the Rising Star team did not give up. Starting with Lee So-hee’s 3-point shot, the game was solved step by step. With 3 minutes and 50 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the score gap was narrowed to one point. But that was it. The last concentration was left with regret. The game ended 84-89.

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