Yang Hee-jong, who suffered a shoulder ligament break, is with the players at heart… “Apart from the results, I will keep this moment with my colleagues in my heart

“Apart from the results, I will keep this moment with my colleagues in my heart.”

Anyang KGC will play the 6th game of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship against Seoul SK at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th. The series record is 2 wins and 3 losses, and if only 1 loss is added, the dream of a combined championship will disappear.

On this day, KGC cannot stand on the court with Yang Hee-jong, the ‘eternal captain’. Although he is included in the entry, he is unable to participate due to an injury in which his right shoulder ligament is torn.

Yang Hee-jong stood on the bench while the players warmed up before the game. He said, “The players would have relied on me a lot, but I am very sorry that I couldn’t help them much. Personally, I feel bad as I was injured at the end.”

Yang Hui-jong complained of pain in his right shoulder during the rebound competition with Heo Il-young in the last game 5. The result of the close examination was shoulder ligament damage. Heo Il-young and Kim Seon-hyeong showed their sorry feelings by approaching Yang Hee-jong, who was sitting on a bench, and asking about his physical condition.

Yang Hee-jong said, “The moment his arm was broken, there was a ‘ttuk’ sound. So I thought it wouldn’t be good, but when I went to the hospital, the result was… “More than my body being injured, it was regrettable that I couldn’t be with my colleagues at an important moment. I was annoyed with myself,” he regretted.

However, Yang Hee-jong안전놀이터 is not leaving the stadium. He will cheer on his teammates from the bench and rejoice with them. He also delivered heartfelt advice and messages on what could possibly be his last game.

Yang Hee-jong said, “I had a conversation with the players this morning and before the game. It was possible to come this far because all of our players faithfully played their roles. He also said, “Let’s think happily about being able to come to the championship match.” Regardless of the outcome, he said that he would engrave and cherish this moment with his younger siblings well in his heart.”

“I hope so earnestly that today is not the end. But isn’t sports a drama without a script? It seemed that if it were not now, there would be no opportunity to tell the players this story. I want a game without regrets. Many fans support us and believe in us. I hope you will play a game that leaves no regrets for them.”

Yang Hee-jong is the most ‘manly man’ I know. But is he too old? It is said that he even cried while expressing his gratitude to his colleagues.

Yang Hee-jong said, “I think I’m getting older too (laughs). When I was young, I had a strong side inside, but now I feel like I’m weak for no reason. I feel like I’m crying alone,” he said. “But I think our players will understand enough. Of course it would be disappointing if we didn’t win. Still, I am not worried because we have been together for a long time and have done well.”

Yang Hee-jong seems to have said his last goodbye, but more than anyone else, he wants the series to continue until the 7th game. He said, “SK came in third and were called challengers, but they had nothing to lose, so they played the game without any pressure. now we are losing I think maybe the position has changed. SK will want to finish quickly. Then we can play the game without any burden. If this doesn’t work or that doesn’t work, I really want you to stick around without any burden.”

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