‘You Kane backup + SON partner!’…Conte, surprise ‘Popyeon’ plan

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is preparing a surprise position change.

Tottenham’s 2022-23 season begins again. As the end of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar approaches, Tottenham is preparing for the second half. Tottenham played an evaluation match against Motherwell on the 9th (Korean time) and will play a friendly match against Nice on the 22nd.

With the league restart approaching, manager Conte is struggling. Tottenham had a problem on the attacking side. Richarlison, who made it to the quarterfinals with the Brazilian national team, was injured. Richarlison suffered a hamstring problem at the World Cup and is returning to Tottenham to check his condition.

Harry Kane also suffers from psychological difficulties. Kane missed a crucial penalty in the quarter-final match between England and France. Kane missed and England lost 2-1 to France to finish the tournament. Tottenham are hoping to find some stability in Kane by giving him a week off.

If Richarlison’s injury is prolonged and Kane’s condition does not recover quickly, Tottenham will have trouble at the forefront. Son Heung-min can step in, but in the aftermath of an orbital fracture, it is a heavy burden to compete fiercely in the center. 토토

In response, manager Conte is considering a plan to appoint midfielder Harvey White (21) to the front line. According to England’s ‘Football London’, manager Conte used White as a striker in a friendly match against Motherwell. On the left and right, Brian Hill and Dejan Klusewski were positioned to support White.

“It was a different role, but in some ways it’s similar to playing as a defensive midfielder, which is my position,” White said. Take a pass pattern such as a one-two pass. He played a familiar game and played a great game,” he said. The media also evaluated that “White can solve Conte’s problems.” White has yet to make it to the first team stage this season.