“You’re asking me to drive six hours back and forth”… ‘Outraged’ over farm bill

It’s itchy keyword time.

The first keyword is “weekend farm안전놀이터“.

You know, people who live in the city and buy a plot of land in the suburbs and start gardening.

They usually go up on the weekend and stay overnight in a farmhouse…

This is going to be difficult in the future.

The government is trying to regulate ‘sheds’.

Farmhouses are structures built by farmers to take a break from farming or to store farm equipment.

Until now, farmhouses were only required to be reported to the local government, but from now on, the size of farmhouses will be limited and sleeping overnight will be prohibited.

This is because there have been many illegal cases of farmhouses being used for land speculation or as vacation homes.

People have been complaining about this.

I sympathize with the intent, but it’s overkill.

We received over 2,000 comments on the proposed amendment.

“If you ban overnight stays, I’ll have to travel six hours back and forth,” “It’s hot in the summer, and I have to take a break in the middle of the day,” “Where do you expect me to take a break?

It has also been pointed out that the economic vitality of rural areas may decline further.

The ban on sleeping in rural areas is expected to be implemented as early as next month.

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